The Maqasidic Tafsir – Volume 5

Surat An-Nisa’ – The First Sign — Justice for All Through Fair Governance

In the previous Volume of the Maqasidic Tafsir (Volume 4), we illustrated how The Twins (Al-Baqarah and Al-Imran) erected, developed, and protected the two vital foundations of the vicegerent’s character, as follows: –

First, Surat Al-Baqarah formed the vicegerent’s (Khalifah’s) Belief System (Aqeedah) on the two foundations, Attestation (Tasdeeq), and Compliance (Tatbeeq).

Then, Surat Al-Imran cautioned the vicegerent (Khalifah) against the two defects to attestation (Tasdeeq) and Compliance (Tatbeeq), which are, in sequence,

the religious misconceptions, suspicions, and doubts (Shubuhaat), and alluring to whims, and desires (Shahawaat).

The current Maqasidic Tafsir (Volume 5) displays the first of the two concrete signs of success in erecting and developing the monotheistic, virtuous, witnessing vicegerent (Khalifah). The vicegerent (Khalifah) is a member of the harmonious and fraternal community (Ummah), in which the individual works for the benefit of the Muslim community (Ummah) and the community (Ummah) for the use of the individual.

Furthermore, the individuals and community will deliver the milestone in balance, harmony, and integration that leads to creating a virtuous society, and an ethical, humane community. As an authority head, or a member of this diverse, pluralistic community, the vicegerent must govern fairly, secure justice for all, and fulfill the rights of others without any restrictions, regardless of their gender, race, religion, or ethnic background. Therefore, Surat An-Nisa’s central theme is securing the delivery of Justice for All, especially the rights of the weak, orphans, women, minorities, and the mentally impaired.

Maqasidic Tafsir, Volume 5, delivers the 4th lengthy chapter (An-Nisa’) under the title The 1st Sign, of the success of the vicegerent, that is, securing Justice for All through Fair Governance, bearing in mind that the next chapter (Al-Ma’idah) will deliver the 2nd Sign, that is, “Fulfill Your Covenants”.

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