Yajuj and Majuj Series (Part 1)

Major signs of the Hour

One of the major sins of the hour is Yajuj and Majuj. The methodology to understand and to have faith in the matters of the unseen is to have faith and restrict ourselves to the Quran and the Sunnah. We should keep ourselves away from the weak narrations of the matter and not try to look for the details that are weak and unnecessary, which may lead to weakening our iman.

The story of Yajuj and Majuj has been established in the Quran and the Sunnah as a major sign of the hour.


The evidence in the Quran is in Surah Al-Anbiya, (interpretation of the meaning) Allah says: until Yajuj and Majuj are let loose (this tells us that they are detained somewhere in order to be let go one day). They will pour down from every elevated mountain place from every direction and the true promise shall draw near of fulfillment (the hour).
The evidence in the Sunnah is from the hadith reported from Hudayfa ibn Al Saeed al Ghufari which compiles the 10 signs of the hour. Hudayfa said that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ entered the masjid one day and he found us discussing a matter of the religion. He asked us about what we were discussing and we replied that we were discussing the hour. Then the Prophet ﷺ said that it will not come until you see the 10 signs, and one of the 10 signs mentioned by the Prophet ﷺ was Yajuj and Majuj.

Who are Yajuj and Majuj?

These are the names of the two tribes who lived a long time ago. We do not know how long exactly but we know that the books of the previous religions also have accounts for them. Yajuj and Majuj and not Arabic names. They are derived from the word Al-Ma’j (like the waves of the sea merge)

You have to believe in the following facts about Yajuj and Majuj:

They are two tribes and are the offspring of Adam and Eve
The hadith reported by Sayyid Al Khudri is that on the day of resurrection, Allah will call upon Adam alayhi salatu wasalam in front of the whole humanity and will command him to take out the delegation of fire/dwellers of fire from his offspring and if you go through the entire hadith, you will see that Yajuj and Majuj are mentioned.
They are disbelievers.
They used to spread corruption on earth
Allah gave Dhul-Qarnayn (a righteous king) power to detain them behind a barrier.
As we speak right now, they are trying to dig through the wall. They succeed a little bit every day and leave at the end of the day saying that they will finish the job tomorrow, however, when they go back, Allah fills that hole that they dug from His Majesty and makes it stronger than before until one day, after Issa alayhi salatu wasalam kills Dajaal (the antichrist), Allah will allow them to break through the wall.
They are extremely strong people. After Issa alayhi salatu wasalam kills Dajaal, he will go to the believers to comfort them; Allah will reveal to him about Yajuj and Majuj and tell him that no one can fight them so take the believers to the mountain of Toor.
Yajuj and Majuj multiply in number.
They get to live a long life.

How did Yajuj and Majuj originate?


One story is that Adam alayhi salatu wasalam was sleeping one day, and had a wet dream and his semen mixed with sand and Yajuj and Majuj were created.

There is no truth to this story.

Story# 2:

Prophet Nuh ﷺ had four sons and their names are Haam, Sam, Yapheth, Kann’an.

In Surah Hudd, it was mentioned that one of the sons, Kann’an was drowned and he was a disbeliever.

Haam was the father of the Sudanis (the people with the black skin)
Sam was the father of Arabs and Jews
Yapheth was the father of Turks

They say that Yajuj and Majuj come from Yapheth. Yajuj and Majuj are mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah in connection with time. Past, present, future and the day of judgment.

The past was mentioned in Surah Al-Kahf. The disbelievers of Makkah decided to discredit the Prophet ﷺ and asked the Jews of Madinah how to do that. The Jews suggested to them to ask the Prophet ﷺ three questions which only a Prophet would know.

Ask about a group of youth As Habool al-kahf
Ask about the man who traveled the earth (Dhul-Qarnayn)
Ask about Ar-Ruh (Jibreel alayhi salatu wasalam)

The answer to their questions came in Surah Al-Kahf. Dhul-Qarnayn lived a long time ago. We don’t know where he came from but some people say he came from Yemen. He was a righteous King and Allah empowered him on earth and gave him the means. He reached the setting place of the sun. He found the sun setting in the black muddy water. This means that he traveled to the west and saw an Ocean and saw the sun setting. He found people living there. Allah told him that some of them were righteous and some of them were wicked. Either you punish them (the wicked ones) or you treat them with kindness. Dhul-Qarnayn said that he would punish the wicked ones and then he traveled to a place where the sun rises from and found the people who had no shield from the sun (so he probably traveled to the north). Then he reached a place where he found two mountains and he found people there who he found not to be too smart. They told him that there were two tribes. Ibn Al-jozzi complied four meanings of Mufsedoona fil ard:

There were homosexual
They killed people
They ate people
They used to come out when people would harvest and they would take away their harvest

The people offered Dhul-Qarnayn money and asked him to block these people. The tribes of Yajuj and Majuj used to come from between the two mountains. These people asked Dhul-Qarnayn to block the way between the two mountains. Dhul-Qarnayn refused to take the money and asked them to bring blocks of iron and fill the gap between the two mountains and then he asked them to set the blocks on fire and then he poured molten copper on top of that. The copper made it very strong so that Yaujuj and Majuj could not dig through. Dhul-Qarnayn told them that this was from the mercy of Allah and he told them that there is a promise that this wall will eventually break down one day.

In the present, hadith quoted by Abu Hurayra raddi Allahu anhu, that every single day, Yajuj and Majuj try to dig through the wall and they succeed in doing that but when they leave at the end of the day, Allah azza wa jal fills the hole back up until one day, one of them will say that they will finish this digging and use the word “In Sha Allah”. That day, they will be able to dig through the wall and come out.

Yajuj and Majuj Series (Part 2)

The Dua of Prophet Isa

Prophet Isa ﷺ will take the believers on top of a mountain called At-Toor. He will make Dua to Allah azza wa Jal and seek protection against the Yajuj and Majuj.

The knowledge of Tawheed will help us fight against the Dajjal (antichrist). The Dajjal will claim to be the Lord but we know that we cannot see Allah in this world so the knowledge of Tawheed will help guide us against the fitna of Ad-Dajjal.

The fitna of Yajuj and Majuj is corruption. Dhul-Qarnayn did not try to fix this corruption; instead, he blocked them behind a wall sealed with iron and copper.

In a hadith quoted in Bukhari and Muslim, one of the mothers of the believers (Zainab bint Jahsh) said that one day the Messenger ﷺ woke up very alarmed. His face was red and he said “Woe to the Arabs from an evil approaching them.” He mentioned that Yajuj and Majuj had dug a hole in the wall. She asked the Messenger ﷺ if Yajuj and Majuj could hurt us even when we have the righteous people among us. He ﷺ replied, “Yes” and explained, when corruption is widespread, there are no Musliheen, but there could be Saliheen.

Musliheen: When they see something wrong, they do something about it and deal with it
Saliheen: Ones who are righteous but when they see something wrong, they do not speak up about the matter

In the Quran, Surah Hud, Allah azza wa jal says (interpretation of the meaning), Allah will never destroy the nations when people are Muslihoon. In another hadith, the Messenger ﷺ said that every single day Yajuj and Majuj dig the wall until they are about to see the sun rays through the hole, their leader will say let’s go back as they were tired and they would say that they would come the next day to dig the hole further. When they would come back the next morning, they would find the wall restored and stronger than before by the mercy of Allah. When the time would come after Isa ﷺ kills the Anti-Christ and Allah would tell Isa ﷺ to take the believers to the top of the mountain. Allah would allow Yajuj and Majuj to come out from behind the wall. They would come out down from every lofty place (every mountain).

Another hadith explains that Yajuj and Majuj would pass by a place and they would drink all of the water until there is no water left in that area. This explains their number would be plentiful. Yajuj and Majuj would kill all the people in that area. One of the explanations is that they would eat humans and drink their blood to the extent that they would no longer see a human being on earth. Yajuj and Majuj would look around and say that they had killed all the inhabitants of the earth and let’s now kill the inhabitants of heaven. They would shoot their arrows up towards the sky and Allah would return their arrows covered with blood and Yajuj and Majuj would think to themselves that they had also killed the inhabitants of heaven.

Prophet Isa’s Dua for Allah to relieve the Muslims of the fitnah of Yajuj & Majuj

Prophet Isa ﷺ would make dua to Allah azza wa Jal to relieve them of this fitnah of Yajuj and Majuj. Allah will then send a worm called Al-Nagf (a worm that grows inside of a camel’s nostrils). This worm will attack Yajuj and Majuj, biting their necks and would kill them all at once overnight. Yajuj and Majuj would make a lot of noise while dying. Their bodies would decay and there will be a lot of smell on earth. Prophet Isa ﷺ would then make Dua to Allah, and Allah would answer the Dua by sending birds whose necks would be like the necks of camels. Those birds would carry their bodies away. Allah would then send rain and the earth would be washed and everything will get cleaned like new. Prophet Isa ﷺ will then come down from the mountain with the believers and will rule over Jerusalem.

The Barakah would be sent down to earth from Allah. In one of the explanations, the pomegranate will be big enough to encompass 12 people and the milk of a cow would be sufficient for a whole tribe. There would be so much barakah that if one would throw seeds on a rock, it would grow. It would be hard to find people to accept Zakat. The kids would play with snakes as they will be harmless. There would be justice everywhere. This would continue for a while after the death of Isa ﷺ.

After Prophet Isa’s death & Demolish of the Kaba

After the death of Prophet Isa ﷺ, killings, corruption, and adultery will start again. Right then, Allah azza wa jal would send wind which will suffocate the believers and they will die. Only the worst of the mankind would be left on earth. The Prophet ﷺ said that the people would see the sun rising from the west and the Beast would come out and kill them. Allah will bring a man from Abasina named Dhus Wakatain. This man will tear down Kaba brick by brick and nobody will find out about it because people will stop performing Hajj and Umrah around that time. People will not know Allah and will say that their grandfathers used to say this name. Qiyama will happen on a Friday between Fajr and Sunrise.