The Maqasidic Tafsir – Volume I (2nd Edition)

The Maqasidic Tafsir (Al-Tafsir Al-Maqasidi) concentrates on evaluating the higher objective (The Maqsad) of each chapter of the Qur’an methodologically. It then describes how each chapter’s contents reveal the harmony between the higher purpose and the means to achieve it.

The Maqasidic Tafsir is mainly a combination of both Evidence and Opinion-based Tafsir. It represents an exclusive Maqasidic (Higher Aim) approach to explain the Quran. In Tafsir’s available trends, the Maqasidic method has yet to be treated exclusively and has been subject to only partial and inclusive discussions.

After Allah established Islam on earth, and with the death of the prophet the revelation ceased. The early Muslims were able to reapply the Quran in their lives.

 Hence, they gained dominance and strength on earth, because they were able to read the Quran again in light of their present time.

Publication dateJune 13, 2022
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