Know Your Lord: 2nd Edition - The Right Belief Series

The title Know Your Lord cannot be understood without defining the scope of the terms involved. The guided way a person may acquire knowledge about Allah is through Revelation. No one can see Allah in this world, so knowledge of Him must come through Revelation and not perception. This statement automatically discounts divinity from objects and humans and brings us a big step closer to knowing our Lord through the pursuit of knowledge. The Prophet said, “Be informed that none of you can see Allah until you die” ( Sahih Muslim).The Prophet made that statement in the context of warning us against the Anti-Christ (Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal) who will try to convince people that he is God.The point of the Prophet‘s warning is that if a person claims to be God in this life, then that person is automatically a liar. 

When one looks at the creation of Allah, two conclusions are inescapable: there must be a Creator, and the attributes and qualities of the creation cannot be equal or like the Creator. This means that we cannot gain any knowledge about Allah and the reward that ensues from fidelity to that knowledge except through that which comes to us from Allah Himself through Revelation.

Publication dateJanuary 30, 2022
Print length236 pages
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