Refutation of Yasir Qadhi’s Grave Worship Blunder

A layman Muslim asked Yasir Qadhi: “What is the ruling on invoking the engraved saints (Awlyia)? ”Yasir Qadhi answered him publicly, saying, “…The second opinion is the opinion that invoking the saints (Awliya)… it is Haram (Unlawful), and it is evil, and evil innovation, a religions innovation, a Bid’ah, and it is a steppingstone to Shirk (Polytheism).It is opening the doors to Shirk (Polytheism). But it is not Shirk (Polytheism) in and of itself unless that action is accompanied by a belief that you are calling out to a god. I myself am an advocate of this second position. ”Yasir Qadhi’s answer is false, baseless, misleading, deceitful, tricky, and dishonest. However, the worst thing about his answer is the sad reality that as a graduate of the Islamic University of Madinah

He was matching the argument to justify idol worship like the pagan Arabs did during the Prophet’s (s.a.w) time. The Pagan Arabs justified their idol worship saying, “We believe that Allah is the Creator, the Controller, the Provider, the Sustainer, the Giver of life and death, and the Source of every blessing.” Regardless, Allah (s.w.t) still classified them as Polytheists (Mushrikun) in the Quran, and the Prophet (s.a.w) challenged them on all fronts till they gave it up.

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