Lā ilāha illa Allāh: Worship Your Lord – 2nd Edition

When I wrote the first edition of this book, "Worship Your Lord," which is the second book of the Right Belief Series, I indented to connect Volume I "Know Your Lord" with Volume II "Worship Your Lord." I am simply saying the correct knowledge of Allah (s.w.t) must lead to worshipping Him. I also intend for the content to help the readers familiarize themselves with the different categories of Monotheism (Tawheed). I intend to simplify the subject of Monotheism (Tawheed), which can help advance the Call of Monotheism (Tawheed), especially for Muslims living in the West. Furthermore, this book will acquaint Muslims with the methodology of understanding of the faithful adherents (Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama'ah) to the Quran and the Prophetic Tradition (Sunnah).

Until recently, something shocking happened. A Layman Muslim asked Yasir Qadhi the following question: “What is the ruling on invoking the engraved saints (Awlyia)?”

Yasir Qadhi answered him publicly, saying, “…The second opinion is the opinion that invoking the saints (Awliya)… it is Haram (Unlawful), and it is evil, and evil innovation, a religions innovation, a Bid’ah, and it is a steppingstone to Shirk (Polytheism). It is opening the doors to Shirk (Polytheism). But it is not Shirk (Polytheism) in and of itself unless that action is accompanied by a belief that you are calling out to a god. I myself am an advocate of this second position.”

It was shocking to witness someone who is knowingly and willfully encouraging grave worshiping when it is a clear-cut demolition of the Universal Declaration of Faith (Lā ilāha illa Allāh). Yet the hearts of his fans, loyalists remain neutral, and their tongues remain silent?

Lā ilāha illa Allāh comprises two pillars: the complete negation of any form of worship to others than Allah (s.w.t), and the unquestionable and firm affirmation of all forms of worship only to Allah (s.w.t). Yasir Qadhi is a learned person who used to be amongst those whom Allah (s.w.t) honored to defend and preserve this Declaration (Kalimah), but now says that worshiping the graves is everything terrible, evil, sin, innovation, a steppingstone, and a door opener, but not Polytheism (Shirk).

Meanwhile, many people’s dilemmas, including his Facebook fans and other learned Shaykhs in his circle, secure their livelihoods and prestige. So, do they have no care for what happens to the religion?

What benefits does one gain from his adherence to the religion, what good is left in him towards Allah (s.w.t), His religion, and His Messenger (s.a.w) when he sees Allah’s (s.w.t) boundaries and sacredness being transgressed?

Hence, I decided to introduce a revised second edition of the book titled ‘Lā ilāha illa Allāh,’ and to include two additional parts to address and refute Yasir Qadhi’s recent grave worship blunder. I ask Allah (s.w.t) to make this work of benefit to Muslims, including our brother Yasir Qadhi. May Allah (s.w.t) guide us all. Ameen.

Publication dateJuly 27, 2021
Print length207 pages
Dimensions8.5 x 0.47 x 11 inches